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Daniel Deusing

Software Development

Harald Müller

Application Development

Jessica Matthes

Marketing and Finances


What we do

myHOA is the universal remote control for existing smart home systems

The concept of reaction to the obtained home environment data and steering of gadgets is nothing new. Various producers of products have taken on this theme and have developed solutions. There are products which can be steered and reacted to through smart-phone app gadgets. In this case it is all about specific solutions. They are to do with an appropriate solution to a particular problem. Through this it is possible to cover a particular part, but the intelligent network of a flat or even a while house creates a greater challenge in comparison to the single solution of a concrete problem. In order to steer intelligently all of the gadgets in the house it requires a system, which is able to use the advantages of existing techniques and gives the user access in this way. Through this the user can use these solutions for his requirements.


myHOA connects the available technologies on the market into one system and can combine them interoperably. With this the transfer mediums of gadgets whether radio transmission, power-line of a bus system and every particular single solution can be controlled and steered through a central unity. Through an open interface on the central unity, smart-phones, tablets or laptops can communicate with the central unity transparently and realize the steering of every technology. Through this system, which is free of barriers, the user is now able to operate independently of the producers. The user can now make use of solutions which are optimally qualified for his particular use and is not bound on the solution dictated by the supplier, if an appropriate solution is offered at all by them. Furthermore, myHOA guarantees through its interoperable system a continuous availability for further scope and an exchange of end gadgets in case of producer discontinues his production.

What we won

Elevator Pitch Baden-Württemberg

1st Place - Regional Winner 2013
6th Place - Baden-Württemberg 2014

Baden-Württemberg Goes Mobile

1st Place - Mobile Housemate 2.0

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